The Christmas Trees

Every year our house turns into a virtual Christmas wonderland.  The Village pictures show the vast collection of Department 56 Snow Villages.  This year I've decided to create a page featuring the many Christmas trees that decorate nearly every room in the house.  Unfortunately there are only 6 full size trees this year.  Our youngest daughter is in the process of moving to her new home and was not able to decorate her room.

  Not all the trees are full size.  The master bathroom has a mini this year.

  Even the the bathroom off the master bedroom has a tree.  Unfortunately the camera has a little difficulty focusing in the dim light.

  The downstairs bathroom has no place to put a tree, so it just gets a bubble (night) light.

  The guest room.

  This guest room is decorated with a USA theme.

  The master bedroom.

  The dining room which also houses the Dicken's Village.

  The living room is also the site of the largest Snow Village.

  Turning around, there are a couple more trees guarding the front door.

  Even the kitchen gets a tree.

  And finally the family room including "Christmas in the City".

Merry Christmas

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