This is a sampling of my portfolio

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Susanne was a computer operator who worked with my wife. She was the first successful "glamour" shot that I did.

Jennifer was a hair stylist at Elegant Images where I worked for three years as a photographer.

My first attempt to enter a photo contest. This was Nicky. We won first place.

Before: This was a typical makeover that we did. The unusual thing about this young lady was that she was only twelve. Actually 13, as it was her birthday and this was one of her presents.

After: A Little bit difference don't you think?

The next company photo contest. Maria and I won second place.

This is Meg; her BEFORE shot at the EI studio.

And AFTER makeup and hairstyling.

This is Meg a year later.

Michelle was a friend of Tina's. We copied this from a Winona Ryder picture.

Once in a while I shoot airplanes too. This is our ground crew getting the oil out of the cylinders so we can fly the B25 during the Sussex Airshow.