I've been interested in photography since about 1976.  I bought my first serious camera at a special employee sale at GAF, where I worked.  It was a 35mm SLR with a 50mm lens and a couple of filters.  I soon traded that in on a Pentax ME outfit that included a 50mm and a 135mm lens.  Over the years since, I bought, sold and traded several cameras and finally ended up with a pair of Pentax ME's, a pair of Pentax 6x7's and a Bender Cherry 4x5 with Nikon lens.

I've tried most types of photography, starting out with landscape, railroad, a little architecture, interior and even aerial.  Having five daughters gave me plenty of practice with portraits as well and I soon started working a part time job as a photographer at Elegant Images.  Three years in the make-over studio gave me a pretty good background in glamour photography and that's what I enjoy most now.

I built a small portfolio and there are a few samples on my Portfolio page.