Prayer to St. Rita

O glorious and powerful St. Rita, look upon me, a soul in distress prostrate at your feet, who in my need, turn to you with the sweet assurance of being answered.

In spite of my unworthiness and my lack of fidelity in the past, I hope that my prayers will bend the heart of God. Still I feel the need of a powerful mediatrix, and you are the one I have chosen, St. Rita, because you hold the incomparable title of saint of the impossible and desperate cases.

Oh dear St. Rita, please take my request to heart. Intercede with God to grant me the grace I need so much and ardently hope to receive (express the grace you desire).

Do not let me leave you with my prayer unanswered. If there is any obstacle in me which might prevent my receiving the grace I am asking, help me remove it. Clothe my prayer with your precious merits and offer it to your spouse in heaven in union with yours. Thus, presented by you, his spouse, faithful among the most faithful you who have shared the sufferings of his passion, how can my prayer then be rejected or remain unanswered?

I place all my trust in you and through your mediation, I anticipate, with peace in my heart, the fulfillment of my wishes.

O dear St. Rita, do not let me down in my trust and my hope in you, but see that my request be not made in vain. Obtain from God what I am asking of you. Then, I will make known to everyone the kindness of your heart and the all-powerful character of your intercession.

And you, adorable heart of Jesus, who have always proved yourself to be so sensitive to the least of human miseries, allow yourself to be moved by my needs. In spite of my weakness and unworthiness, grant me the grace which is so dear to me and which your faithful spouse, St. Rita, is asking from you for me and with me.

In return for St. Rita's fidelity in always responding to divine grace, for all the gifts you gave her soul in abundance, for all she suffered as wife and mother and in sharing your harrowing passion, and lastly, for the extraordinary power of intercession by which you have wished to reward her fidelity grant this grace so necessary to me.

And you, Blessed Virgin Mary, our kind mother in heaven, depository of divine treasures and dispenser of all graces, strengthen by your powerful intercession in prayer of your great friend, St Rita, so that God may grant me the favor I am asking.