St. Rita
Prayer of Thanksgiving

With a deeply moved and grateful heart, I come to you today, glorious and powerful St. Rita.

At the hour of danger, at the time when my happiness and that of those dear to me was threatened, when my soul was afflicted and full of apprehension, I implored you. I begged you whom everyone calls the saint of the impossible, the advocate of hopeless cases, the refuge at the final hour! I was never disappointed for having placed my trust in you.

I come again to you now, no longer in tears of suffering, but with joy and serenity in my heart, to express my gratitude to you.

This joy, this serenity, I owe to you dear St. Rita, for having pleaded with God for me in spite of my unworthiness and for having obtained for me the grace I wanted.

I would like to express more appropriately to you the profound feelings of gratitude which fill my heart, holy miracle worker and comforter of the afflicted, but the very confusion arising from the happiness of having obtained this grace inhibits my power of expressing it adequately and I can only murmur, thank you, St. Rita.

To prove my gratitude to you in a more realistic manner, I promise that, with an ever-increasing zeal, I will make your devotion more widely known. I will make you loved by those to whom your name is yet unknown and who do not have, as I do, the good fortune of having experienced your infinite kindness.

Insofar as this will be possible for me, I promise to help foster your devotion and to attend the ceremonies celebrated in your honor.

I resolve, from this day on, to fulfill my duties as a Christian with a greater sense of commitment and fervor.

O dear St. Rita, I ask you to offer my sincere resolutions to God and thank him in my name for the grace generously given to me.

Finally, may you never abandon me and continue to let me enjoy your holy and active protection, so that after having benefited from it in this life, I may one day find you again in heaven and express in better ways my gratitude to you.