The Village(s)

  No, this isn't the Snow Village, it's the house.

  This is "The North Pole" and is the first village in the living room.

  A closer look at the trolley.

  The merry-go-round.

  This is the center of town (Original Snow Village).

  Main Street.

  The lighthouse keeps watch by night.

  This is the "east side" of town.

  I (heart) My Village.

  The hockey game.

village3tn.jpg (2070 bytes)  Dicken's Village is much larger than this but we're running out of room on the server.

village16tn.jpg (1678 bytes)  Christmas In The City adorns the fireplace.

kv1nftn.jpg (2229 bytes)  Kari has a village too.

Merry Christmas

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